Earn interest on your savings with an appreciation of 16% p.a.!

Evaluate your savings by investing in a holding company that is building a canning plant with planned sales of up to 100,000 canned dog food items per day, and also holds a patent for the unique production of coffee oil from logro!

The construction of the entire plant and the related logistics, operational and marketing infrastructure requires an investment of approx. CZK. According to the number of autoclaves, we divided the expansion into four phases and several sub-issues. Upon completion of the project (approx. 2027), we expect a return on investment of approx. 2 years.

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The event is currently running until 15. 5., when the appreciation of the investment comes out to 16%.

ALEMAR Food Group a.s. produces high quality canned meat products through its subsidiary company, directly in the Czech Republic, in Žabčice. We have been producing canned food for dogs and cats since the end of 2016, and recently we have also launched a plant for the production of canned food for humans.

In addition, the company operating in the field of animal raw material processing has also come up with a global innovation in 2023, namely with our technology for producing coffee oil directly from lógr – or residues that are normally thrown away. After extracting the oil from this raw material, for which we already have a more than sufficient supply (de facto for the takeaway), we are left with a useful fertiliser.

Furthermore, our coffee oil production technology is so unique that it allows the resulting product to be used in the food industry and we have a patent on it! The oil is not bitter, is tasty, contains high amounts of vitamin E and other oxidants and is thus extremely beneficial to health. We have successfully patented the technology for producing coffee oil from the grounds.

The Group’s main activity is currently the production of canned food for dogs and cats, but there is great potential in this activity – where current demand is strong – as well as in the future production of coffee oil.

The bond issue therefore serves primarily to expand the already existing activity of the production of meat preserves in 4 phases, however, the fact that we own additional know-how and a patent in the field of coffee oil extraction increases the value of our company and promises to expand the activities within the food industry to other interesting branches in the coming years.

Exterior of the production hall
Interior of the production hall

It is in order to expand canning capacity, automate and obtain IFS certification to satisfy existing demand, we have created a plan 4 extension phases, involving mainly investments in many new machines (freezing equipment, thawing equipment, cutting and chopping equipment, mixing and massaging equipment, filling equipment, closing equipment, labellers, washers, dryers, autoclaves, boilers, labelling equipment, packaging equipment, pallet packaging systems, racks, etc.), automation, changes to work infrastructure, operations, but also to support LOUIE’s own brand and strengthening of high-margin B2C sales on www.louie.pet.

To this end, we have issued a bond prospectus approved by the CNB.

The third phase of expansion we are entering will give us access to production capacities of up to 62,000 400 g cans per day!

We already have dozens of requests that we are currently unable to produce. Even the last, fourth phase of the expansion means only about 10% of the turnover of the European leader in the canned dog food industry or the need for only 9.36% of Czech dogs to consume 1 pack (8 pcs) of canned food per month.

On top of that, we have the canned food industry for the people and for Europe. So we have a lot of work to do…

Why buy these bonds?

  • The Issuer is a technological and manufacturing leader in its field.
  • Alemar is creating a unique way of trading dog food in which the consumer buys directly from the manufacturer, thereby increasing the margin while reducing the final price.
  • The issuer achieved a 553% increase in turnover in the B2C channel compared to 12/2022 and 12/2023 !
  • The bond prospectus was approved by the Czech National Bank.
  • The issuer owns a patent for the unique production of food grade coffee oil from logro!

Basic data

Bond ALEMAR EXPANSION – PHASE 3 with maturity 25. 1. 2026

IssuerALEMAR Food Group a.s.
Name of the issueALEMAR EXPANSION – PHASE 3
Total emission volume50 000 000 CZK
Date of issue25. 1. 2024
Nominal value of the bond50 000 CZK
Interest12% p.a.
Payment of interestquarterly in arrears
Interest payment datealways on 1. 2., 1. 5., 1. 8. a 1. 11. each calendar year until the maturity of the Bonds
Issue price100 %
Current price of 1 bond50 000 CZK
End of the subscription period12. 4. 2024
Due date25. 1. 2026
Type of offerPublic
Additional reinsuranceNot
Transferability of the bondEnabled
Emission statusSubscription

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