We manufacture your brand of canned food!

Let us produce a canned food that meets all your requirements. Thanks to our unique technological processes, we offer contract production of canned meat not only for cats and dogs but also for human consumption.

Up to 20 000 cans per day

Unique production technology

Without chemical preservatives

Meat of the highest quality

Ingredients to choose

Size and label on request

Production technology

Chemistry doesn’t stand a chance here – we’re betting on physics. We preserve meat using heat and pressure, using the sterilisation method. Each type of meat has its own specific processing needs, which we take care of in order to offer you the highest quality products.

You will not find any chemical preservatives, gelatin or emulsifiers in our products. We use only meat from Czech or Slovak farms. We stand for the fact that only natural food
is a quality diet.

“After years of development, we have arrived at a technology that has proven to be the ideal way to process meat to maintain its quality
and at the same time it was free of unnecessary chemistry.”

Martin Košt’ál, founder of Alemar Food Group

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Cans according to your requirements

Would you like to add something special to your canned food? We will be happy to make exactly what you want. We will customize not only the ingredients, but also the size of the can and the label.


  • type and quantity of meat
  • other ingredients
  • can size
  • label

Certificates of quality

We’re serious about quality. Look for the certificates that guarantee you won’t find anything in the cans that doesn’t meet our strict conditions.

Do you demand Private Label canned food manufactory?

Together we will discuss your requirements and propose the ideal solution

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